House of Studies Nairobi , Kenya

In accordance with the SMA Constitutions and Laws, missionary formation which is considered a life-long process and has as its points of departure the life and experience of the individual, aims at forming dedicated apostles of Christ and has a communitarian character in the SMA, shaped by its African and international experiences. (Cf. Constitutions and Laws 53).

To respond positively to this vision, the SMA House of studies in Nairobi has reopened its doors with the opening mass on the 21st August 2016. With a community of thirty-seven (37) members for this academic year 2016-2017, the house is once more faithful to its international and intercultural living.

The formation team is composed of four (4) members:  the superior of the house, Fr. Maria Raja Mohan is from India; Fr. Charles Adjoumani from Ivory Coast is the students’ director; Fr. Anthony Kelly the spiritual director and Fr. John Dunne the bursar are both from Ireland. The student body is made up of thirty-three (33) students with twenty-two (22) who are studying theology in Tangaza University College and eleven (11) who are studying philosophy in Consolata Institute of Philosophy. Looked at from another angle, the students are from eleven (11) different countries with a statistic of four (4) from D.R.Congo, two (2) from Ivory Coast, two (2) from Benin, two (2) from Central African Republic, three (3) from Nigeria, three (3) from Togo, two (2) from Ghana, two (2) from Zambia, five (5) from Tanzania, One (1) from Slovakia and seven (7) from Kenya.

It is in this diversity that unity is made to respond to the missionary vocation of the Church and to prepare for the mission to the most abandoned chiefly among Africans and people of African origin.

As an integral part of the formation, the two days of 13th and 14th October within the mid-term break were dedicated to the house workshop. This workshop covered two topics: Addiction, facilitated by Fr. James Shimbala and Sexuality, facilitated by Fr. Charles Adjoumani. This workshop gave an impetus to the holistic missionary formation that the house strive to give.

Into the hands of the Lord, this academic year is entrusted so that it follows its peaceful course to the end.