About the SMA

Two thousand years ago, Jesus came to bring a message through his teaching, his life, his death and resurrection. Later on this message was written down in the Gospel. The Good News seeks to help every Christian believer live a Christian life, which is manifested by the love of God and one's neighbor. Who is going to bring the Gospel to those who don't yet know it? Who is going to do this "primary evangelization"? Jesus gave this mission to the Church. Every member of the Church has the mission to spread the Gospel. But some men and women feel called to dedicate themselves full time to this work. To answer their vocations, they come together in missionary institutes. The Society of African Missions (SMA) is one of these institutes. We are an international Society of missionaries and we send our members to countries or to places, mostly in Africa, where Jesus is not yet known. We try to discover and to appreciate the values of the people who welcome us. We attempt to awaken in them an interest and respect for this Jesus whom we proclaim. We are happy to enrich them with the gifts Jesus brings... and to enrich the Church by the original and new answers that these particular people are going to produce. This is "primary evangelization" and it is a central aspect of the mission of the SMA.

To learn more about the SMA and our work follow any of the links below:

SMA France (Lyons): www.missions-africaines.net

SMA Ireland: www.sma.ie

SMA USA: www.smafathers.org

SMA Italy: www.missioniafricane.it

SMA Holland: www.sma-nederland.nl

SMA Poland: www.sma.pl

SMA Britain: www.sma-gb.org

SMA Spain: www.misionesafricanas.org

SMA France (Strasbourg) www.missionsafricaines.org 

SMA Philippines: www.sma.ie/philippines-district-in-formation

SMA Gulf of Guinea District-in-formation: www.sma-dfgg.org